Hotel Sanchez has 3 great restaurants where you can enjoy different atmospheres and gastronomy

Restaurant “Los Fueros” shows us a space wide andstraight with a brightness and undisputed elegance.Perfect for special celebrations, meetings friends andfamily gatherings. It is characterized for having anannex lounge with TV for more young people enjoywhen the table of the largest stretches and itsexclusivity and intimacy for the group that hired him.Maximum capacity of 70 people.

The new dining room “The home of Manuela” isdefined with three words, warm, welcoming andintimate, the combine modernity and classic, wherenatural wood and fire are the undisputed protagoniststhat make this area of our hotel, one of the mostintimate and special, ideal for couples and smallgroups, has capacity for 50 people, and next to the“balcony of Ara” which are separated by a sliding door its capacity is 120 people.

The new dining room “The balcony of the Ara”invites you to enjoy the magnificent views of the riverAra, sitting at the table, while you taste our dishesmade with products of the Earth. An original treepresides over the room integrated into theenvironment that is displayed from its huge glass roof, a work of art of the century XVI and a nod in the form of vinyl to our historical tradition, accompanyyou in the decoration. Special attention has its area of buffet breakfast, which allows the customer to enjoy during the relaxing morning light which is reflected in the crystal clear waters of the Ara, the best way to start the day. This restaurant has capacity for 60people and joined the home of Manuela restaurantthrough the sliding door that separates them, itscapacity is 120 people.